“She is completely trustworthy and reliable, and she has transformed how my business functions.”

After consulting independently for about a year, I decided that I needed to operate more like a genuine business. This meant I had to stop using a spreadsheet to keep track of revenue and expenses, and I also needed to start sending out professional-looking invoices on time to clients. But doing all this took a lot of time away from consulting, so when a consultant friend of mine recommended Darlene, I immediately contracted with her to take over all of the company's administrative work. 

Darlene's experience provided immediate value to my business. She set my company up on QuickBooks in no time, and accommodated the quirks that I had built into the way I operate. Now my invoices are sent out promptly every month and I have historical and accurate financial statements at my fingertips. My business also appears more professional to clients. 

In addition to efficiently and reliably being my back office, Darlene also alerts me when business situations come up that I need to follow up on (long overdue accounts receivables, bookkeeping changes to avoid future confusion, etc.). My confidence in her allows me to turn over the business aspects of my consulting to her and then I can focus on actual consulting. 

As my company grew, I kept adding more responsibilities to Darlene. I started having checks mailed directly to her for deposit, and I added her to the company checking account so that she could pay bills and reconcile accounts without any effort from me. The more I have turned over to Darlene, the more time I save and the more time I have for consulting. 

I have worked with Darlene for about four years. She is completely trustworthy and reliable, and she has transformed how my business functions. I recommend her highly to anyone who would benefit from help with any bookkeeping or high-level administrative support.

Former Client 2014-2018